Freshman Spring Nostalgia


Sunshine and friendship and no classes and sitting on the grass and listening to upperclassmen play the guitar on the Green and dancing while everyone’s watching and flirting with life and veggie burgers and tulips and browsing the musty Goodwill and carefree living and flower crowns and purchasing an inflatable skeleton for a friend’s upcoming birthday.

Photos taken four years ago with a Diana Mini, my sweetheart film camera baby.


When Was The Last Time You Made Yourself Proud?


Yesterday, I completed two of such feats:

1. I walked over 30,000 steps (approximately 13.27 miles) all in the name of Fashion Week.

2. I had the balls to introduce myself to the one and only Miss J Alexander, shake his hand, and take his photograph without peeing my pants from sheer excitement. I also might have told him that he is beautiful.

What have you done recently that made you feel like you achieved something great? Talk to meĀ in the comments!