Spring Collection Throwback: Siki Im SS14


Spring is finally in full swing — now that you no longer need to cling to warm coats and chunky knits, are you left wondering what on earth to wear? In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be featuring some NYFW Spring collection throwbacks to lend inspiration for 70 degree and above weather. Up first, Siki Im Spring 2014:

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Siki Im may have cited Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment and ill-fitting prison garb as his main sources of inspiration for the warmer months of 2014, but all I can see is a devil-may-care attitude toward looking unabashedly relaxed. Pedicure sandals and open-front kimonos can only be described as spa / salon chic, while half-unbuttoned pajama tops and loose-fitting bottoms suggest rolling out of bed last-minute. And why would a towel be casually draped on someone’s head unless they were on their way to the pool? This androgynous collection can suit any gender – we all need a bit of comfort in crisp whites and subtle patterns this summer.