Cory Bond Shows How To Bundle Up For Fall 2015


Welcome to March, where the promise of spring is thoroughly beaten down with a fresh layer of snow, ice, and hail. As much as I’d like to believe that warm weather is just around the corner, I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll be swaddled in multiple layers of knitwear for at least a couple more weeks. This brings me to my next point: when was the last time you encountered a coat that was truly capable of keeping you warm? I’ve been looking back to Stephen-F’s presentation two weeks ago, wishing that those beautiful jackets were available now.

Here, Stephen Ferber’s featured guest, Cory Bond, sports a lovely cobalt blue leather bomber jacket with an exquisite rabbit fur lining. I imagine that wearing such a decadent piece of outerwear would feel nothing less than a constant, warm and fuzzy hug. Although Stephen-F’s collection is geared toward men, I think anyone would appreciate the high-quality design that is so clearly considerate of our cold weather woes.

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