Two Days of NYFW


2015-02-18 16.02.11-1

I look like a giant leopard print marshmallow, right?

Regardless of who you are or what you’re doing there, I think getting dressed for Fashion Week is a challenge. I personally had three things to consider:

1. I wanted to look somewhat decent, obviously. An eye-catching outfit is a foolproof way to get a conversation starting with someone influential in the industry, or a new best friend, or both.

2. This week was the coldest in the past 20 years — I was very tempted to say fashion be damned, I need skiwear to survive this weather. In other words, warmth was a high priority.

3. Without having a place to drop off extra luggage, everything that I needed for the next two days had to be strapped onto me. Either I required massive pockets, or a bag that could hold my life.

It starts with multiple layers of Uniqlo Heat Tech — a scoop neck t-shirt, tucked into knitted tights, followed by a turtleneck t-shirt. This Japanese technology is God’s gift to anyone who doesn’t want to turn into a veritable icicle, so I suggest you buy everything you can get your hands on while Uniqlo still has it in stock and on sale.

A pair of fleece-lined tights provided extra insulation. As for the main outfit components, The Reformation’s Hazel Dress was an obvious choice with its cozy fleece texture and tunnel of a turtleneck that I could pull over my face should my eyeballs start to freeze. The azure boots happened to match a satchel I got from Nordstrom many years ago with the capacity to hold a massive DSLR camera, snacks, and makeup.

2015-02-18 16.02.23-2

As for outerwear, I have been living in this beanie all winter. The acrylic knit traps all the head that would otherwise radiate from my head. I layered my trusty leather moto jacket with a faux leopard fur coat — the latter also probably acrylic, also trapping in heat and rendering me a human radiator. I would have preferred something a little more colorful and decadent like this baby blue beauty from Shrimps, but a girl can only dream.

Photos courtesy of Phoebe Jones.