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I have said it before, and I will say it again: Ricardo Seco’s collections look like they should have made their home in your closet yesterday with their versatile wearability and casual cool, but what always steals the show is his passion for exquisite, colorful detail. Seco unveiled his Fall / Winter 2015 “REAL” collection at The New Museum Tuesday evening, which proved to be the autumnal compliment to his previous Spring / Summer “DREAMS” collection. Models were swathed in sleek, modern silhouettes in neutral-hued leather, silk, neoprene, and cotton — a monochrome setting for the prismatic explosion of footwear.

Seco is a master of creating elegant yet accessible renditions of standby sneakers. During his time as Creative Director of Converse, Seco transformed the iconic Chuck Taylor basketball shoe into a wearable piece of art. This season, New Balance got a facelift with bright beading and embroidery in traditional Wixárika designs.

“The “REAL” Collection is inspired by contemporary Mexico, where their traditions become innovations and are globally shared,” states Seco. “This is the real Mexico. A sophisticated Mexico that suits well in any place of the world, expressing its roots with pride through simple forms, unique details, textures and shapes, resulting in a personal style where attitude is larger than anything else. This is the Mexico I want to share with you.”

Seco consistently manages to tap into current streetwear trends and push them to a level of couture with his meticulous handiwork, and the result is always beautiful. Each pair featured in the REAL collection is sure to carry a sun-drenched summertime vibe into the transition of bleaker winter days next fall. Considering the grey abyss that is Polar Vortex 2015, maybe a little tangible sunshine is what we all need to make it through the colder months.