Spring Collection Throwback: Parkchoonmoo SS14


This week, let’s reconsider a forthrightly feminine approach to spring — one that demands you swath yourself in sheer organzas from head to toe. No bra? No problem. #FreeTheNipple, everyone.

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Parkchoonmoo found inspiration in the subtle variety of colors and delicate movements of the ocean. Hues of cobalt, teal, grey and black dominated the runway, along with crisp, all white outfits that are synonymous with summer. Translucent organzas, silks and lace fluttered with each movement, simulating the undulations of waves. Parkchoonmoo’s collection proved that one could still be covered up in layers and keep cool with a careful selection of light, floaty fabrics.


Spring Collection Throwback: Siki Im SS14


Spring is finally in full swing — now that you no longer need to cling to warm coats and chunky knits, are you left wondering what on earth to wear? In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be featuring some NYFW Spring collection throwbacks to lend inspiration for 70 degree and above weather. Up first, Siki Im Spring 2014:

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Siki Im may have cited Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment and ill-fitting prison garb as his main sources of inspiration for the warmer months of 2014, but all I can see is a devil-may-care attitude toward looking unabashedly relaxed. Pedicure sandals and open-front kimonos can only be described as spa / salon chic, while half-unbuttoned pajama tops and loose-fitting bottoms suggest rolling out of bed last-minute. And why would a towel be casually draped on someone’s head unless they were on their way to the pool? This androgynous collection can suit any gender – we all need a bit of comfort in crisp whites and subtle patterns this summer.

S. W. Basics Kills It With The Basics In Skincare


Would a lip balm claiming “certified awesome smooches” pique your interest? What if this same product was also 100% organic, touting a three to five ingredient label? This, plus the adorably eye-catching packaging of Brooklyn-based cosmetics company S.W. Basics, stopped me in my tracks during my latest Target run.

Adina Grigore, founder of S.W. Basics, started concocting her own potions out of simple, gentle ingredients to suit her sensitive skin. As it turns out, other people appreciated her no-frills approach and thus the brand was born. The offerings are, in a word, basic: none of the products is specific to skin type; you can count the ingredients on one hand and not struggle to mispronounce a single word. Yet there is something appealing in a product that you could easily recreate at home — a sense of security that in all likelihood, this is probably better for you than a scrolling list of unrecognizable chemicals.

I started off easy with the organic lip balm flight, which comes housed in a sweet little tin you can reuse later (perhaps as “a very tiny bed for a very tiny kitten,” as the insert suggests). Each features cocoa butter, coconut oil, and beeswax as the primary three ingredients, with minor variations in essential oils depending on the flavor. These balms literally melt on your lips, leaving them smooth, hydrated, and gently gleaming. And the flavors! Cocoa smells and tastes like a Lindt truffle; Citrus is reminiscent of lemon meringue pie. Because of the simple ingredients, one can also deviate from the intended use and get a little creative in application. For example, Peppermint would make an excellent cooling de-puffing moisture treatment for under the eyes. A quick slick on the cheekbones is effective as highlighter; and while you’re at it, your cuticles could benefit from a little lip balm loving, too.

Freshman Spring Nostalgia


Sunshine and friendship and no classes and sitting on the grass and listening to upperclassmen play the guitar on the Green and dancing while everyone’s watching and flirting with life and veggie burgers and tulips and browsing the musty Goodwill and carefree living and flower crowns and purchasing an inflatable skeleton for a friend’s upcoming birthday.

Photos taken four years ago with a Diana Mini, my sweetheart film camera baby.

Cory Bond Shows How To Bundle Up For Fall 2015


Welcome to March, where the promise of spring is thoroughly beaten down with a fresh layer of snow, ice, and hail. As much as I’d like to believe that warm weather is just around the corner, I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll be swaddled in multiple layers of knitwear for at least a couple more weeks. This brings me to my next point: when was the last time you encountered a coat that was truly capable of keeping you warm? I’ve been looking back to Stephen-F’s presentation two weeks ago, wishing that those beautiful jackets were available now.

Here, Stephen Ferber’s featured guest, Cory Bond, sports a lovely cobalt blue leather bomber jacket with an exquisite rabbit fur lining. I imagine that wearing such a decadent piece of outerwear would feel nothing less than a constant, warm and fuzzy hug. Although Stephen-F’s collection is geared toward men, I think anyone would appreciate the high-quality design that is so clearly considerate of our cold weather woes.

Want to see more? Check out my article on Stephen-F’s Fall / Winter 2015 collection at Examiner.com!

Quick Chat on Street Style With Kourtney


There are certain elements that guarantee a paparazzi moment outside a fashion show venue — a splash of striking color; shoes so avant-garde they belong in MOMA; accessories that do the talking for you; a menagerie of clashing prints. The list could go on forever, but here’s one look from Kourtney Passero (@divakp) that excelled in several ways.

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Yellow faux fur jacket, blanket scarf, and studded leather clutch from Zara. Gypsy Warrior hat, Coach booties, Valentino sunglasses.

“To be honest, I kind of just threw this outfit together,” says Kourtney. “I really wanted to incorporate color, but I also wanted to stay true to my edgy, boho style throughout all of New York Fashion Week. I believe that fashion is a form of art that expresses your personality without having to say a single word.”

One’s sense of personal style can suffer during Fashion Week, when the desire to look deadly chic and du jour is overwhelming. After all, who doesn’t want to be snapped by Tommy Ton or Bill Cunningham? Kourtney’s outfit succeeds in both making a photo-worthy statement and remaining authentic to her individual flair.

Two Days of NYFW


2015-02-18 16.02.11-1

I look like a giant leopard print marshmallow, right?

Regardless of who you are or what you’re doing there, I think getting dressed for Fashion Week is a challenge. I personally had three things to consider:

1. I wanted to look somewhat decent, obviously. An eye-catching outfit is a foolproof way to get a conversation starting with someone influential in the industry, or a new best friend, or both.

2. This week was the coldest in the past 20 years — I was very tempted to say fashion be damned, I need skiwear to survive this weather. In other words, warmth was a high priority.

3. Without having a place to drop off extra luggage, everything that I needed for the next two days had to be strapped onto me. Either I required massive pockets, or a bag that could hold my life.

It starts with multiple layers of Uniqlo Heat Tech — a scoop neck t-shirt, tucked into knitted tights, followed by a turtleneck t-shirt. This Japanese technology is God’s gift to anyone who doesn’t want to turn into a veritable icicle, so I suggest you buy everything you can get your hands on while Uniqlo still has it in stock and on sale.

A pair of fleece-lined tights provided extra insulation. As for the main outfit components, The Reformation’s Hazel Dress was an obvious choice with its cozy fleece texture and tunnel of a turtleneck that I could pull over my face should my eyeballs start to freeze. The azure boots happened to match a satchel I got from Nordstrom many years ago with the capacity to hold a massive DSLR camera, snacks, and makeup.

2015-02-18 16.02.23-2

As for outerwear, I have been living in this beanie all winter. The acrylic knit traps all the head that would otherwise radiate from my head. I layered my trusty leather moto jacket with a faux leopard fur coat — the latter also probably acrylic, also trapping in heat and rendering me a human radiator. I would have preferred something a little more colorful and decadent like this baby blue beauty from Shrimps, but a girl can only dream.

Photos courtesy of Phoebe Jones.

When Was The Last Time You Made Yourself Proud?


Yesterday, I completed two of such feats:

1. I walked over 30,000 steps (approximately 13.27 miles) all in the name of Fashion Week.

2. I had the balls to introduce myself to the one and only Miss J Alexander, shake his hand, and take his photograph without peeing my pants from sheer excitement. I also might have told him that he is beautiful.

What have you done recently that made you feel like you achieved something great? Talk to me in the comments!

Pumped Up Kicks



_DSC0089 edited



I have said it before, and I will say it again: Ricardo Seco’s collections look like they should have made their home in your closet yesterday with their versatile wearability and casual cool, but what always steals the show is his passion for exquisite, colorful detail. Seco unveiled his Fall / Winter 2015 “REAL” collection at The New Museum Tuesday evening, which proved to be the autumnal compliment to his previous Spring / Summer “DREAMS” collection. Models were swathed in sleek, modern silhouettes in neutral-hued leather, silk, neoprene, and cotton — a monochrome setting for the prismatic explosion of footwear.

Seco is a master of creating elegant yet accessible renditions of standby sneakers. During his time as Creative Director of Converse, Seco transformed the iconic Chuck Taylor basketball shoe into a wearable piece of art. This season, New Balance got a facelift with bright beading and embroidery in traditional Wixárika designs.

“The “REAL” Collection is inspired by contemporary Mexico, where their traditions become innovations and are globally shared,” states Seco. “This is the real Mexico. A sophisticated Mexico that suits well in any place of the world, expressing its roots with pride through simple forms, unique details, textures and shapes, resulting in a personal style where attitude is larger than anything else. This is the Mexico I want to share with you.”

Seco consistently manages to tap into current streetwear trends and push them to a level of couture with his meticulous handiwork, and the result is always beautiful. Each pair featured in the REAL collection is sure to carry a sun-drenched summertime vibe into the transition of bleaker winter days next fall. Considering the grey abyss that is Polar Vortex 2015, maybe a little tangible sunshine is what we all need to make it through the colder months.

The Reboot



Have you noticed the shiny new dot-com address? How about the absence of posts? That is what I call a blank slate, my friends. This is badassbootbitch, rebooted.

I have been casually blogging for over eight years now, and what started out as a hobby has transformed into my desired career path. My blog ought to reflect that. This upgrade will include a cleaner edit, higher quality photos, and a greater focus on fashion and beauty content — I hope you’ll appreciate these new changes!

I promise there will soon be an endless barrage of NYFW-related posts, so sit tight and get your glamour on.

Much love,